Sunday, December 4, 2011

Urgghgh it's cupcake time!

So week 5's assignment for CGMA's Digital Painting class is to paint a robot.
aljfafjgkhkalaahhhgghh Robots are so damn hard to conceptualize.
I thought "Oooh a robot that bakes cupcakes would be an awesome idea"

I wanted to saw my hands off.

- but it was an interesting challenge for sure. Makes me wanna draw another robot... but later on when I recover. hahaha

And.....It's the holiday season you guys! I'm excited to be listening to Xmas carols and drinking lots of peppermint mocha. YAY!


  1. this is one of the coolest robots i've ever seen! XD

  2. since you tend to like retro things... you might find this site interesting:

  3. Thanks you guys :D

    And thanks for the link Stefano! I love the old advertisements and weird inventions. Best thang everr XD